Blocked Drains Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Do you have a blocked drain or sewer?

Hunter Eco Plumbing are experts in Blocked Drains & Sewers in Newcastle. We have a dedicated vehicle that is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced technology.


Using a state of the art drainage camera, locator and sewer jetter we can identify where the blockage is within the pipes and the exact location without digging up the ground. Once the blockage has been identified we use a whopping 5000PSI of water pressure to clear the drains and free up even the most stubborn of blocked drains.


We also provide images and video reports of our Blocked Drains and Sewers. There are many reasons that your drains can block up. The main culprits of the blockages are wet wipes, sanitary products, tree roots, food and cooking grease. Have a look at some of our photos below to see what is involved in Blocked Drains & Sewers.

Blocked Drains - Image 1

What causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked Drains is something no one plans on having, they can be very unpleasant and unhygienic. Here are some of the factors that cause Blocked Drains and Sewers.

  1. Tree Roots

    In times of drought just like animals and humans, trees become dehydrated and try to source water from the ground. They can wrap their roots around pipes in the ground and strangle any water or condensation from them. This causes either of the following problems for the pipe. Blocking up internally or wrapping around the outside and damaging the exterior. Take a look at the video below to see a tree root blocking a pipe.

  2. Foreign Objects

    Cakes of soap are a common item that people shove down drains thinking they will dissolve and disappear. This can cause common blockages in bathrooms along with jewellery, nappies, sanitary items, wet wipes, children’s toys and last but not least, hair. Over time, hair can build up in the shower drain causing blocked drains & sewers which can be a huge issue.

  3. Home Builders and Tradies

    During a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation we quite often get calls for Blocked Drains & Sewers. Customers are sometimes confused as to how their brand new bathroom can be blocking up already. We see far too often occasions where home handymen and inexperienced trades have disposed of their grout waste, paint and concrete down the overflow gully. The overflow gully has a vital role in the plumbing of the house and must be kept clean and clear at all times. If the concrete and building waste sets and dries within the floor, the entire waste system needs to be pulled up and re-done. A potentially huge job for a very simple problem that can be easily avoided.

  4. Grease & Fat

    Kitchen drains quite often build up with cooking fats and oils that do not wash down. This can cause Blocked Drains & Sewers as well as bad smells.

Blocked Drains - Image 2

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