How long will Pipe Relining last?

What is pipe relining?

Pipe Relining is an innovative, environmentally friendly way of repairing sewer and stormwater pipes underneath the ground without digging.

The most common cause of drain issues are tree roots, when trees get dehydrated the roots go in search for water under the ground, once they find pipework they strangle the pipe until it cracks or dislocates and allows the tree roots to penetrate the line and find a source of water.

These breaks or dislocations can occur in hard to reach places, such as underneath concrete slabs, bathrooms, garden beds or buildings and the only feasible way of repairing them is by relining the pipe internally.

Pipe Relining starts as a 2 part liquid based solution (epoxy) that is mixed together and massaged onto a custom sized liner, it is then inserted into place and inflated using compressed air.

Once the liner has been inflated it is left for a few hours to cure or set, this is effectively creating a pipe within a pipe.

When the epoxy is set the bladder can be decompressed and removed from the drain, leaving the new pipe within the old.

Hunter Eco Plumbing use Brawoliner products which offer a 50-year life expectancy.  

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