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Ensure Hunter Water compliance and the safety of shared mains water with annual backflow testing and backflow prevention devices from the fully accredited team at Hunter Eco Plumbing.

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What is Backflow Contamination?

Backflow contamination occurs when water pressure in the supply line or backpressure in downstream piping causes water flow to reverse, potentially introducing polluting liquids or gases into the public mains water supply.

Such polluted water can cause significant public health issues, and may expose you or your business to legal consequences. You can take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen with testing and backflow prevention devices, as required by Hunter Water.

Accredited Backflow Installation and Testing

Meet Hunter Water compliance with the qualified team at Hunter Eco Plumbing.

  • Fully accredited by Hunter Water to install, commission and test backflow devices
  • Residential, commercial and industrial services available
  • Prompt and professional service

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