Blocked Drains & Drain Relining Newcastle

Blocked drain? Bad smell? Gurgling? Hunter Eco Plumbing specialises in quality drain cleaning services to detect, clean, and clear drain blockages that may be prohibiting your pipes from functioning properly. Servicing domestic, residential  and commercial plumbing services, no drain cleaning job is too big or too small for us to handle!


With a team of fully accredited plumbers on hand, we offer fast turnaround times to ensure your plumbing issues get resolved in a prompt and timely manner. At Hunter Eco Plumbing, we understand that drain emergencies occur at a time when we’re most unprepared and least expect it. It is for this reason that our plumbers are available around the clock – 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


As part of our draining cleaning service, we can assist with:

  • Kitchen sinks and waste disposers
  • Showers, toilets, baths, basins, laundry drains
  • Pipes
  • Gully traps and stormwater drains
  • Sewers and Septic tanks


If left unattended for a period, a blocked drain can easily turn into a more serious and costly repair job.  Over time, most drains show signs of wear and blockage. You may have noticed common signs, such as foul smells, gurgling noises in pipes, slow drainage in sinks or showers, odd toilet water level, overflowing sewerage and drops in water pressure? If you experience any of these occurrences, you likely have a blocked drain that should be attended to immediately.


Could your drains be working better? There are several factors that could lead to a drain build-up or blockage, such as:

  • Build-up of oil and grease
  • Tree roots
  • Sand, silt, leaves and debris
  • Damaged plumbing or structural fault
  • Wet wipes and sanitary items
  • Food
  • Foreign objects
  • Hair


Hunter Eco Plumbing uses advanced specialised drainage equipment to thoroughly clean and clear your drains to restore them to perfect working order. Depending on the type of intrusion, our experienced and friendly plumbers can try some tactics to clear your drains. These include:

  • Drain or Sewer Jetters- a high-pressure water jetter to blast through the blockage
  • Plumbing snake or electric eel- a coiled metal wire with a cutting head that gets fed down the pipe
  • High Definition Sewer Camera and Locator – provides high quality video footage and still images of the internal drains to identify and locate the exact issue


Do you need effective and affordable drain cleaning? Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call Hunter Eco Plumbing on 0488123034 or enquire at [email protected].

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