Pipe Relining Newcastle

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the long-term and affordable solution for repairing your drains and sewers without the digging. Forget costly and inconvenient excavation that disrupts your home or business and leaves the surrounding area a mess. At Hunter Eco Plumbing, we can have our experienced and qualified plumbers on the scene to reline your existing pipework.

Step 1

Jet blasting to clear blocked pipes

High Pressure Sewer Jetting

Pipe Relining is the latest in Trenchless Technology that relines your broken or collapsed pipe from the inside, without having to dig up your yard, driveway, slab or garden beds.

We use the latest in high pressure sewer jetting equipment to jet blast the drain and clear any blockages or debris in the lines.

Step 2

Relining pipes


We then use state of the art CCTV cameras to inspect the damage to the drains.

Step 3

Relining pipes

Custom Sized Bladder Install

A custom sized bladder is then installed into the drain and into the damaged section and inflated to line the existing internal pipe, essentially creating a ‘pipe within a pipe’ this is a permanent no dig solution and comes backed with a yearly camera inspections and a 20 year guarantee.

A Step by Step Guide:

Pipe Relining



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