What Causes Water Hammer?

What Causes Water Hammer?

What is water hammer?

Water hammer is the shuddering or ‘banging’ noise you hear coming from pipes within the walls when turning on your hot or cold tap.

This can mean the pipes within your walls have become unclipped over time causing them to rattle within the wall when the water is flowing through, that your water pressure is too high or tap washers are old, rusted or sticking.

Signs to look for: hard to turn taps, a delay of water flowing through when the taps are turned on or a shuddering or banging noise coming from within the walls.

Water pressure in excess of 500KPA can cause catastrophic damage to your home, it adds additional pressure to the rattling or banging pipes which can cause them to break, damaging wall linings, flooding the property or burst flexi hoses.

If you mains pressure exceeds 500KPA your home insurance will be void if a pipe bursts and floods the property.

We can supply and install a pressure reducing valve at the meter to ensure your property’s pressure complies with standard, we can also perform tap services to re-seat and install new tap washers on all aged tap wares.

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