Why do my drains keep clogging up?

There are multiple factors and possible causes to drain issues, whether it is sewer or stormwater issues there may be a foreign object lodged in the drain causing the blockage or there may be a crack or break in the pipe allowing tree root intrusion under the ground to penetrate the pipe and cause the blockage.

The most common cause of blocked drains is generally tree roots, during the warmer months tree roots go in search for a water source, find a pipe under the ground and strangle the pipe causing cracks, sometimes catastrophic damage or completely crushing the pipe causing it to collapse.  

Tree roots can be high pressure jetted from the line to clear the pipe and allow the water to pass through, however the problem will keep occurring until the pipe is either dug up and replaced or relined internally.

There is also the possibility of cooking grease and fat which not only clog the drain but also give off a really bad smell, in commercial properties there may be a kitchen grease trap to help with excessive amounts of grease going down the line.

Other items such as hair and cakes of soap are common items that block drains.

Stormwater is a different line to sewer which is designed to capture rain water and divert it away from your property via methods such as guttering, downpipes, grates and ag/rubble drains and lead into the council or street stormwater drain.

Stormwater also has the ability to become blocked with foreign objects and strangled by tree roots, this can cause major damage to properties and neighbouring properties in heavy downpours as common areas can flood and pool water.

Stormwater clearing is completed by the same methods as sewer line plumbing, by either digging up the broken pipe or relining it internally if the break is located in a hard to reach place such as under a concrete slab, garden bed or under a building.  

Years of excessive water pooling and flooding can cause significant damage to properties such as: gutter, eaves and facias, with incorrect drainage and water pooling underneath houses this can cause the foundations of the home to gradually wash away and compromise the entire stability of the property.

Hunter Eco Plumbing can solve complex drain issues with state of the art technology, if you have any of the following signs call us today for a full home or business CCTV inspection of your sewer and stormwater drain.

  • Toilets Gurgling
  • Water slow to drain from sinks
  • Bad smell coming from drains
  • Floor waste drain overflowing
  • Sewer overflow in yard
  • Water pooling during heavy downpours

Settle these frustrating issues once and for all by calling the blocked drain solutions experts Hunter Eco Plumbing today.

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