Drain & Pipe Relining

Pipe Repair Without The Digging

Are you or your business struggling with broken or collapsed pipes?

Are you constantly calling plumbers to jet your pipes every few months?

Do you want a stress-free PERMANENT solution?

To repair cracked or broken pipes at your property they generally require digging a trench to gain access to the pipe this can leave your yard needing a lot of time and money to restore the landscaping after the work has been completed. Or do you have pipework in a concrete slab that is damaged or broken, we can reline the pipework just using the access point outside the building.

Here at Hunter Eco Plumbing we offer pipe relining which enables us to fix your pipework with no digging required. It is backed by yearly camera inspection and a 20-year guarantee.

Forget costly and inconvenient excavations – Hunter Eco Plumbing uses the latest trenchless technology to repair your pipes with a minimum of fuss. Save your garden bed, driveway or house slab from being destroyed. Repair your pipes the environmentally friendly, no-dig way! 

Whilst Hunter Eco Plumbing covers all aspects of maintenance plumbing, Pipe Rehabilitation is our company’s strength.

Protect your underground assets and use Newcastle and the Hunter’s leaders in innovative pipe repairs, Hunter Eco Plumbing. 

What Is Pipe Relining?

Here’s how Hunter Eco Plumbing’s pipe relining technology works.


High Pressure Sewer Jetting

We use the latest in high pressure sewer jetting equipment to jet blast the drain and clear any blockages such as waste, tree roots, debris or grease that has built up and accumulated overtime.



We then use state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to inspect the damage to the drains, this helps us establish the cause of the blockage or damage inside the line.


Custom Sized Bladder Install

A custom sized bladder is then installed into the damaged section and inflated, relining the existing pipe internally, once it has cured we re-inspect with CCTV leaving you with a permanent ‘no dig’ solution.

See How PATCH Relining Works

Watch this video to see Hunter Eco Plumbing’s Pipe Relining technology in action.


Inversion Lining is used for multiple breaks along one line, multi story buildings, commercial and industrial properties   


Hunter Eco Plumbing’s sewer pipe relining service is backed by yearly camera inspections and a 20-year guarantee. It’s another example of our emphasis on premium services at affordable prices.

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