Backflow Prevention & Testing


Ensure Hunter Water compliance and the safety of shared mains water with annual backflow testing and backflow prevention devices from the fully accredited team at Hunter Eco Plumbing.

What Is Backflow Contamination?

Backflow contamination occurs when water pressure in the supply line or backpressure in downstream piping causes water to flow to the reverse. This can be caused by a drop in pressure in the main or if the water pressure at your property is higher than the main. This can potentially introduce polluting liquids, hazardous chemicals, bacteria, debris or gases into the public mains fresh water supply.

Contaminated water can cause significant public health issues. If your business is responsible for causing backflow pollution, you could face serious legal consequences. It’s important that your property and plumbing system complies with the strong regulations set out by Hunter Water to prevent water supply contamination.

Protecting your property from backflow

You need to install a backflow prevention device fitted to the freshwater pipe on your property, ensure your device is kept up to standard with regular repairs and have an accredited plumber test your backflow prevention device regularly.

Our specialised professionals are licensed and accredited backflow prevention plumbers serving Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley residential, industrial and commercial communities. 

We provide fast, effective installation of backflow devices, repair and regular testing to ensure your backflow prevention device is compliant and operating at its best.

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How do I know if I need a backflow protection device?

There are a range of properties and situations that require a backflow prevention device, including building sites, fire service systems, manufacturing and industrial facilities, some restaurants, emergency sprinklers and swimming pools.

How often do I need a plumber for backflow testing?

It depends on the level of risk your property poses to the main water supply. If your property has a medium or high hazard rating, you will need an accredited plumber to check your device annually. If you have a low risk, you might be able to have a backflow device installed that doesn’t require testing.

We will perform a hazard assessment of your site whilst installing your backflow device to determine your risk level.

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