Robotic Cutting

Robotic Pipe Cutting in Newcastle

Pipe obstruction can be a number of things, tree roots, foreign objects such as plastic bottles, concrete, or even a metal star picket spiked during building, this will prevent the sewer or stormwater line from flowing freely, leading to a build-up of waste and materials.

Hunter Eco Plumbing offers trenchless pipe repair through environmentally friendly (no-dig) methods. This means we can repair the pipe internally without the need for any excavation.

Part of the relining process is to remove all debris from the line and prepare the pipe for relining.

Using a high tec robotic cutter we can cut and grind objects from pipes of most sizes then completely rehabilitate the pipe sealing all breaks and dislocations, this method is effective in PVC, liner, cement, cast iron or steel.

Our robotic cutter has the ability to:

✔ Navigate around tight bends

✔ Be used in vertical pipes

✔ Remove thick lodged tree roots

✔ Remove concrete, grout, steel and star pickets

✔ Clean and descale internal pipe walls

Robotic cutting and pipe relining can help prevent the need for cutting up concrete, bathrooms, floor tiles or garden beds saving thousands in costly excavation and reinstating of floors.

We can offer these services in residential, commercial & industrial properties by dealing direct or through subcontracting for other companies.

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