A – Water backing up when flushing the toilet, gurgling noises

A – Shut off all gas appliances and also at the meter or bottles, open windows to ventilate air, call Hunter Eco Plumbing

A – Isolate water at the tank by turning the little tap clockwise

A – Unfortunately for any works to be done to a property, the owners (or property manager) permission is required

A – Water or sewerage can pool outside the property near the overflow gully, this is designed to take the waste or water away from the house and overflow outside instead of inside.
If this has happened, it indicates a blockage in the sewer line which may need high pressure jetting

A – Firstly you can check the meter box and fuse to ensure the power has not tripped, if the switch is still on then take note of the type of system (gas, electric, solar, heat pump) and the age of the system and call Hunter Eco Plumbing, we can send an expert out same day.

A – Backflow prevention is a valve installed at commercial properties to prevent contaminated water flowing back into the Hunter’s water supply, these need to be tested annually by an accredited plumber and reported back to Hunter Water, if your device fails you will be given a notice with time frame to have the valve rectified or replaced.

A – This could be a number of things, blocked shower and water filters can build up over time and cause water pressure to be affected

Absolutely – Pipe Relining is a pipe within a pipe, an environmentally friendly no dig solution to underground drain issues, backed with a 25-year guarantee

A – 24/7 – 365 days per year

A – Hunter Eco Plumbing is equipped with CCTV cameras and locators to locate blockages and exact locations of pipework