Burst Pipe

Worried you may have a burst pipe ?

The expert plumbers at Hunter Eco Plumbing can be on your doorstep promptly to inspect, detect, and prevent serious damage to your property and your wallet.

A burst pipe may not be obvious, but it can have huge and costly consequences. It is important to take extra precaution if you suspect something is wrong. If you experience a burst pipe or leak, ensure you turn the water off at the main isolation valve and call Hunter Eco Plumbing immediately. One of our fully accredited and experienced plumbers will be at your door promptly to resolve the issue.

Some Reasons That Pipes Can Burst:

  • Moving Pipework- this could be because the pipework is not secured properly in the wall cavities which will cause it to move around, as the water is turned on and off it will eventually cause a weakness at the joints and then the pressurized water needs to escape.
  • Age- Metal pipes have a tendency overtime to corrode, the walls weaken and break down due to the water pressure to prevent this most new homes are now built with Copper or Poly pipework that are resistant to rust.
  • Water pressure- too much pressure can result in the pipework to fail. One of our licenced plumbers can come to site and pressure test your water pipework and if the pressure is too high, we can install a pressure reducing valve at your water meter. You also need to regularly check the flexible water connections for your tap-ware and toilets if they show any signs of stress or expansion they must be changed.
  • Damage- if your trying to hang the dreaded photo frame/print you could accidentally drill through a water pipe in the wall. Even Landscaping or maintaining your front & back yard you could accidentally hit your main water line feeding the house or even the pipework for your front hose tap

We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing, so you can rest assured that we will keep disruptions to your day-to-day routine to a minimum.

Our service vans are well stocked with the highest quality equipment to ensure we can fix any issue quickly and effectively. We will locate the problem and carry out repairs without unnecessary damage to the existing plumbing. This ensures a quality service that will prevent the pipe from future damage.

If you suspect a leaking or burst pipe, it’s best to be on the safe side. Call Hunter Eco Plumbing today on 0488 123 034.

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