How much does Pipe Relining cost?

We often get asked, “how much does pipe relining cost?”

Pipe relining doesn’t really have a standard per metre rate, a number of variables come into play such as:

  • The access points into the pipe
  • The condition of the pipe
  • What the pipe is underneath (eg: concrete, building, driveway)
  • The number of metres to be repaired
  • The number of branch arms feeding into the pipe
  • And the actual matter that is blocking the pipe (eg: star picket, tree roots)

From this information we can establish if the best option would be to install a reline patch or to invert a continuous sleeve to seal the damage.

Where Pipe Relining can save you money is in complex situations where the damage lies underneath a building, driveway or concrete slab, the cost of concrete cutting & reinstating can far outweigh the cost of a reline.

In some instances, in commercial or industrial properties you are looking at business closure to complete these works, loss of revenue, staff stand down. Pipe Relining can be a no-dig time effective method to repairing damaged drains with a 30 year life expectancy.

When weighing up the cost of business closure, concrete cutting, digging up of garden beds and landscaping, pipe relining can be the most cost effective option in some cases.

In cases where there is one damaged section of pipe in an open area, digging up and replacing the pipe is often a comparable price, however pipe relining eliminates the mess of excavation and backfill leaving the property completely intact.

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