Pipe Relining Vs Replacement Pipes – Everything You Need to Know

Storm water and sewer pipes are more prone to leaks and damage with time because of things like ground movement, tree roots, and surface deterioration. One way to fix damaged or broken pipes is to replace them, or reline them. The goal of both pipe replacement and pipe relining is to guarantee that your home’s or business’s plumbing system is strong enough to endure frequent use pressure. Here is everything you need to know about both to find out what is more suitable for you. If you have any further concerns contact your local Newcastle plumber, Hunter Eco Plumbing. Here is everything you need to know about pipe relining and replacements including costs and installation!

What is Pipe Relining?

The method of creating a new pipe inside an existing damaged pipe without excavating is known as pipe relining. To build a new seamless pipe inside the old one, a flexible liner covered with resin is put into the damaged pipe and inflated. This less disruptive procedure can be used to fix corrosion, holes, and cracks in pipes than more involved replacement techniques.

What is Pipe Replacement?

On the other hand, pipe replacement entails taking out the damaged pipe and installing a new one. This approach is more intrusive and usually requires excavation, but it’s frequently required for seriously damaged pipelines that relining cannot fix.

The best approach will rely on the pipe’s condition, the location of the damage, and the particular requirements of the task. Both approaches offer benefits and advantages. A professional plumber or pipe repair specialist can determine which method is best for a particular situation.

Is it faster to reline pipes or replace them?

Compared to pipe replacement, pipe relining is a considerably faster operation because the old pipes don’t need to be removed and new ones installed. Relining pipes is a simple procedure that a qualified plumber can finish in a few hours. That quick response time is especially helpful if you have an urgent sewage backup or a burst pipe. In contrast, because there is so much involved with pipe replacement, you may be set back a few days. Turning off the water supply, excavating the area surrounding the pipes, removing the old pipes, and installing new pipes are all necessary steps. Although it will take some time, the result will be a functional plumbing system.


When you consider the expenses associated with property restoration that comes with pipe replacement, pipe relining becomes less costly: With excavation comes cost because whatever is above ground needs to be put back such as paving, landscaping, retaining walls, and bathroom tiles are some examples of this. It’s best to contact your local plumber to get a direct quote on what needs to be done. Your local Hunter Eco Plumber is just a phone call away – 0488 123 034.

Emergency plumbers for all your pipe relining & replacement needs!

At Hunter Eco Plumbing we understand the importance of business continuity, when drainage emergencies occur in your home we can work around your needs to minimise disruption of the day to day operations by completing our work when it suits you. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing if you need your pipes fixed promptly. For all your pipe relining and pipe replacement needs, contact Hunter Eco Plumbing.

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