Why do my drains smell?

Customers often ask us ‘why do my drains smell’?

Smelly drains can occur at different times, such as after heavy rain, if the bathroom has not been used in a while or can even just smell all the time.

Sometimes the drain or S trap can be dry if the bathroom or wet area has not been used in a while allowing the smell to come up through the floor waste or sink, this can be rectified by tipping a bucket of water down the floor waste to flush the dry pipe and allow water to sit back inside the S trap.

There could also be a crack in the floor waste pipe which would allow the water to continually leak out, this would require the floor waste to be repaired either via pipe relining or pulling up the floor and replacing the broken pipe.

The most cost and time effective solution would be to reline the floor waste, this prevents the need for pulling up bathroom tiles, re-waterproofing and re-tiling, we can internally line the pipe within a day and it comes backed with a 50 year life expectancy.

If the drain smells all of the time we recommend a full CCTV inspection of the line as there may be multiple breaks along the line, tree root intrusion or a collapsed or blocked pipe further along the line.

If you are unsure of what is causing the issue or exactly where it is located, our CCTV inspection will determine the exact location and provide the best solution as to whether pipe relining or digging up and replacing the pipe is the best option.

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